Our Thermal Paradise

Relaxation in our thermal area

The Thermae Bad Aibling is above all else an oasis of tranquility and well-being. The city of Bad Aibling, a spa town rich in traditions, located at the foot of the Wendelstein mountain, offers a selection of treatments and many alluring offerings for a meditative and recuperative spa experience with its new Thermae – whose motto is “enjoy with all the senses”.

The magnificent hills of the Lower Alps and the Moorlands of the nearby Bavarian alpine terrain “flows” into the Thermae and sculpts the spa landscape in which the domed cabinets are embedded. The various baths and thermal areas, some covered by domes, some open, are freely arranged. Delight in the refreshing effects of the element water in its purest form. The spa complex covers an area of 10,000 square metres. Herein 6,000 square meters are water, consisting of outdoor pools, Kneipp pools and a designated childrens' area. Either active - stimulating and innervating, or calm - to the beguiling sounds of ambient underwater music.

Taking a sauna in a bathing costume

For our textile wellness friends a visit to the steam bath in the dome of senses is recommended, where you can sauna in bathers. A visit to the  physiotherm infrared cabin, with stimulating coloured lights, will enrich your comfort programme. Whirlpool, solarium,and water gymnastic round off your wellness visit.

Graduation house

Visit our graduation house in the garden. This is a salt extraction facility. It consists of a wooden frame which is filled with bundles of brushwood. As saltwater sprinkles over these, it enriches the surrounding air. Inhaling this moistens the respiratory tract, having a similarly positive effect as sea air does. It thus supports the therapeutic and strengthening effect of your wellness visit.