Tisanerie Plan

Take the Time to Relax-every day of the week.

TimeKelo sauna (outside) Aromaticum (inside)
11.00Wake up*
12.00 Scented douse**
13.00Ice cold douse***
14.00Herb field**
14.30Relax Ice crystal*
15.00Scented douse**
16.00Fruit douse**
17.00Scented douse**
18.00Herb field**
19.15Scented douse**
19.45Relax Ice crystal*
20.15Ice cold douse***
21.00Scented douse**
(Fr & Sa)
Scented douse**
  • * mild douse
  • ** medium hot douse
  • *** hot douse

The douse is a Bad Aibling Thermal spring bath service for which there is no obligation.
Alteration subject to change.