Sauna ritual


The sauna garden offers traditional and modern sauna rituals and fragrant compositions for body, mind and  well-being.

Dousing  ceremony

Every hour soft and fruity or fresh, spicy herbs are ceremonially poured into the hot kelo sauna, invigorating the senses. Our sauna master will  certainly make you sweat. Look up our dousing plan!

Moor ceremony    

Moor-the healthy healing power of soil- stores warmth, contains anti-inflammatory, painkilling and muscle stimulating qualities.

Moor ceremony:

  • Rub a handful of moor evenly over your body.
  • Sit down and stay in a steam cabin heated at approx. 40-45.°C and 100% humidity.
  • Finish the treatment after15 minutes, followed by a shower and time to relax in an ergonomically formed chair upstairs in the rest area under the moor dome.

Salt peeling

Sea salt is excellent for skin care and peeling. Used before taking a sauna bath, it vitalizes the skin surface, and during the sauna it activates the upper layers of the skin and its immune defences. The massage salt supplies the skin with important minerals. The peeling effect removes old  skin cells, leaving the skin feeling soft and smooth.