Outside area

In the center of the lavish sauna garden you find a warm water pool with bubbling lounge niches and massage jets. As you walk on pathways, which are heated in the winter, through the meticulously landscaped sauna garden toward the Panoramic Sauna, you pass the large Kelo Infusion Sauna. Reclining chairs and lounge decks invite you to spend time outside. On nice days the sauna garden is ideal for tanning au naturel. For your convenience lounge chairs and sun umbrellas are available free of charge.
The sauna garden's crowning glory is the graduation tower, where sauna visitors can inhale its saline water vapours. These vapours assists the therapeutic and strengthening effect of the sauna.

Visit our graduation house in the sauna garden

The graduation plant is a salt extraction facility. It consists of a wooden frame that is filled with brushwood bundles. As the salt spray falls, it enriches the surrounding air, which in turn acts as a moisturizer on the airways. It has a similar effect to sea air, thus enhancing the therapeutic effect.

Outside area

SaunaTemperaturesHumidityRecommended times of exposure
Logcabin sauna90°C10%8 - 12 minutes
Kelosauna90°C10%8 - 12 minutes
Triftbachsauna70°C10%8 - 12 minutes
Hausbootsauna auf dem Triftbach


8 - 12 minutes

Here you will find your private oasis of peace. Enjoy a walk through our  carefully  layed  out sauna garden, embedded in the surrounds of the Triftbach.

There are both seats and reclining chairs

To ensure that each sauna guest has their share in the pleasure of our sauna garden we request that reclining chairs and seats are not reserved. If any are found to be covered by towels, these will be  removed  accordingly by  sauna staff. Please  make  use of our ample number of lockers to store your personal belongings.