Aiblinger Moor

Bad  Aiblinger  moor is characterized by its advanced stage of peat formation and high humic acid content.

Daily moor ceremonies (only with reservation,) are celebrated in the steam bath under the moor dome. The time schedule is to be found in the current program.

Effect of moor application

Humic acids are responsible for a beautiful , soft skin. While moor is being rubbed onto the body, the contained particles of clay, sand, ash and soil cause a peeling effect. The healthy healing power in the soil stores warmth and contains anti- inflammatory, painkilling and muscle invigorating qualities. Success by gynaecological problems, rheumatic diseases, arthrose,  ischias, gout, peripheral circulatory problems and slipped disc damage are recorded.

Reservation of a moor ceremony

Please go to a sauna master. He will give you a band with the appointed time on it. The price will be booked onto your chip. Please be at the moor dome 5 minutes prior to start  of  the ceremony , in order to hear information the sauna master will give about  details of the process. He will distribute moor, which will then be rubbed over the body.

Time of therapy: 15 minutes at a temperature of 40°C and 100% humidity in the fragrant herbal steam bath.

After these 15 minutes a shower over participants on the bath seats washes off the moor.

Last  moor remains  should be removed under a shower. We recommend a resting time of 30 minutes in the rest gallery under the moor dome. A total of 45 minutes should be reserved for the complete process.

Please note: Both the moor ceremony application and that of salt peeling should not be carried out on the same day. This would mean they would each cancel the positive effects of the other.