Indoor steam rooms

Steam rooms for epicurists

Steam roomsDescriptionTemperatureHumidityRecommended  time of exposure
RosequarzGentle relaxation due to mild, low humidity. Room atmosphere40 - 50° C30%as liked
AromaicumOffers a fresh lemon fragrance at a pleasant temperature. Light colour change and meditational music accompany you to deep inner relaxation. 55 - 60° C50%as liked
Salt and Eucalyptus Pleasant eucalyptus essences and only light steam content help support your body to get rid of inner stress.55 - 60° C15 - 20%as liked
Steam ice bathHot-cold experience, the classical steam bath with a suddenly occurring cold stimulation is a highlight. 42 - 45° C70 - 100%10 - 20 minutes
Saltwater inhalationA stimulating atmosphere is produced in the cabin with the help of a brine solution from the Dead Sea. The respiratory tract dilates, the metabolism and immune system are stimulated. This can cause you to sneeze and cough, which is intended. The main indications for this are: colds, influenza, bronchial illnesses, asthma, sinusitis ,tinnitus and dermatological conditions.20 minutes
Moor saunaMoor ceremonies: You will find more information under the title Sauna ritual
40 - 45° Cby up to 100% maximum15 minutes
Salt steam bathSalt peeling:  You will find more information under the title Sauna ritual40 - 45° Cby up to 100%as tolerated