Sauna Area


The sauna is both accessible from the main entrance hall as well as from the Thermal bath. The new locker area with the corresponding wet areas is positioned close to  the ticket counter. The entire sauna section is designed for 400 people and is divided into 3 areas.

Moor Dome

Concept: ’Hollow Stone’.

A further dome, the ‘moor dome’, is home to treatments like a caldarium, a large moor sauna and various adventure showers:  all themes that derive from Bad Aibling being Bavaria’s oldest moor bath. Together sauna guests can  wait and chat together around the ‘moor pot’in the centre. Arranged around the sides are partly closed recesses allowing a guest more privacy. Upstairs one can rest on piles of stones (Tepidarium) in daylight, having a view of the sky and mountain chain.

Hamam Dome

Concept: ‘To idle, wash and chat as in oriental baths.’

In Hamam both body and mind bathe in the mild warmth and soft light. The Hamam is housed in three rooms. The first is to warm up in. Seats are incorporated into the dome wall. The bather gets the strenuous but  very pleasant Hamam massage in the smaller massage rooms. Turkish  bathing culture goes back 800 years, to where it originated in central Anatolia and Istanbul, and where  the most beautiful baths are still to be found.

Hamam played an important role in the history of bathing in the orient. Because of the strict rules of cleanliness in Islam, these baths were very popular with Ottomans. Idling, washing and chatting in oriental bathrooms is a pleasure far removed from the daily rat race. In Hamam both body and mind are soothed by the mild warmth and soft light. Hamam is not just meant to be a physical cleansing but a real feast of the senses: warmth, moisture, froth, scents and contacts together achieve a harmonious state of well-being. And that although the Arabic word HAMAM only means  ‘to warm’. Roman thermal baths were meeting places only; where the menial was combined with  socializing : Hamam refers to an enjoyable retreat including both pleasure and rest.