The complete concept of the outdoor swimming pool.

The swimming pool is characterized by its place in an irregular topography with its plains, sloped and rounded lawns and moulded berths. Walkways, here narrow, there wider, cross the landscape, joining pool edges, rest meadow and gastronomy terrace.

After the visitor passes the ticket box he can choose between two routes-one leads to a ramp on the non -swimmer level and from there over some stairs to the swimming pool. The other goes along the outer edge of the grounds to the playground. Near the entrance there is an area intended for gastronomy guests to sit outside.

Swimming pool - Non- swimmers and Waterslide

Older children and teenagers find the non- swimmer pool on a middle plateau. The pool covers 200 square metres and is equipped with attractions like a wave ball. A 60 metre long water slide starts at the highest level and covers a drop of 5,5 metres. The slide follows the slope of the site into which it is carved.

Swimming pool- Swimmers

This pool is on the same level as the roof of the thermal spring-positioned as a belvedere overlooking the baths, with a view across to the mountains. Sloping away from the pool on its elevation, lawns stretch down to a clump of trees. 400 square metres of meadow, wooden decks and paved area are available to guests.

Level moulds, where families can gather, are carved into the sloped lawns. The cure meadow for the swimming pool is on the roof of the changing rooms wing. It is raised approximately 20 cm above the path that encircles the pool, leaving a space of height difference that has been made into  a sitting area with wooden seats and couches.

Outdoor pool - Water playground

The playground is partly shaded by trees.  In addition to the available classical playthings, like swing and see-saw, children can play with and in water. With the use of a Wipp pump, they can make a more than 5 metre high fountain, water mushrooms pour themselves into a canal and jumping columns of water squirt in all directions.

A model boat filled with sand attracts all kinds of messy play. The toddlers’ pool is integrated in the water playground. The littlest bathers will have fun on the small slide and with squirting elements.