Our domes

Beauty Dome

Wet treatments are on the ground floor. The bath tubs and showers are ‘washed’ into niches in the wall. Four cabins, each equipped with bath tub, shower and wash basin fulfil requirements for diverse wellness treatments, packs , scented baths, etc.

The next floor, which is level with the outdoor pool, is divided into zones by partitions and furniture, allowing individual spaces for massage couches and cosmetic islands and  also access onto the roof. The gallery above is not furnished so it can be used as a sun meadow; light flooded  and with a view of the Alps.

Changing rooms: These are in an open alcove under the site jump on the entrance hall level. The visitor is lead from the entrance hall by a direct-indirect ray of light which is attached along the back walls. The Bijou areas are arranged along the supporting wall  at the back. There are change rooms for approximately 720 visitors. One enters the bathing area by access through the shower and sanitary area. On the lower floor, the  solariums are to be accessed via the cathedral staircase or lift.

Adventure Dome

Concept: ‘Experience Water Actively’

Water is shown to be moving, swirling, bubbling and  having mechanical power. The bath guests both move and let themselves be carried.

This dome is a lively, active place with windows to look in and out of. The dome has various decentralized openings for irregular light incident, and lower down, openings for viewing and entrance.

Sensory Dome

Concept: ‘Experience Still Water’.

Waterlily pond. The bather finds rest, sits and lies in the element water, stays passive. The water bubbles lightly, rather gently. Lily pond: Lie on a ‘leaf’- float. A partition zones the water surface, forming a ‘champagne’ retreat.

More an introverted, sacral mood. Material is simple and antique. Light incident heavily filtered, reminding one of traditional Turkish many little openings. Starry sky.

Thermal spring dome

Concept: ‘Water sounds and Carries’.

Let yourself float along, casting your eyes on the greenery outside.

Heat-cold dome

Concept:’ Water of differing Temperatures’.

Experience water in contrasting hot and cold temperatures.

Bubbling water sounds through waterfall pipes.

The dome is translucent, it ‘glows’ red and blue from the bathing hall. The built in lights, combined with blue and red tiled basins, increase the haptic and optical  heat and cold perception.

Relaxation dome

Concept: ‘Retreat and Recuperate’.

The bather has his/her peace. Either alone or in a group-he she can fashion his/her own recuperation.

A central light overhead gives off muted light.

If interested the bather can watch video projections in a small room in the dome to help relax.

Warm light coming from a cove light near the floor enhances the relaxing atmosphere.