Beauty-Wellness area

The beauty-wellness area is an additional option open both to the hot spring  or external guests. Access is via the entry hall. The ‘beauty dome’ is the first one visible on arrival at the spring.

Treatments are situated on all  three levels and are connected by a staircase and a lift. A clearstory window lets daylight into the staircase also creating an optical connection between the departments above and below. Guests make their way to the required facility from a smaller waiting room.

Beauty Dome

Wet treatments are on the ground floor. Bath tubs and showers are ‘washed’ into niches in the wall. Four cabins, each equipped with bath tub, shower and wash basin fulfil requirements for diverse wellness treatments, packs and scented baths, etc.

The next floor, which is level with the outdoor pool, is divided into zones  by partitions and furniture, allowing individual spaces for massage couches and cosmetic islands and also access onto the roof. The gallery above is not furnished so it can be used as a sun meadow,  light flooded and with  a view of the Alps.

Changing rooms:  These are in an open alcove under the site jump produced on the entrance hall level. The visitor is lead from the entrance by a direct-indirect ray of light which is attached  along the back walls. The Bijou areas are arranged along the supporting wall at the back. There are changing rooms for approximately 720 visitors.  One enters the bathing area by access through the shower and sanitary area.