Aquatic Park

Optically spacious elements of the hall  are the domes and the aquatic park. The floor, which  is modulated as a landscape to lie or sit on, or for a panorama view ,marks paths, locations and forms zones. One would like to both rest and recuperate in a quiet, relaxed atmosphere and go from one bathing adventure to another. A soft, mat floor covering subdues the sound of footsteps and is pleasant to walk barefoot on. This gives a feeling of walking outside, just as a conservatory allows both the protection from and the exchange with nature at once.

The landscape ‘flows’ through the building: height jumps and obliques continue through space.


The roof of the bathing hall, equipped with light band maintains this concept of attaining the closest possible relationship to nature, the times of day and seasons, with their respectively changing angles of sunlight. Energy consumption is reduced by  utilizing natural daylight and solar warmth.


Kneip baths, bubble taps or simple moor treatments are integrated into the park topography. Classical indications for use of moor therapy are to increase one’s general sense of well-being and for muscular-skeletal problems.

Moor Island

This is where the guest can touch and feel the consistency of moor. In the middle there is a tub full of warm moor to tread in. Water flows around it, so that the feet are washed clean after walking through it. An information board explains this natural product.


The created Microclimate.
Plants from the lower Mediterranean zone, with their intensive scents and blossoms, contribute to the growth of a micro climate, creating a relaxing atmosphere and extending  the effect of bath applications.

Outside pool

The outside pool, which is accessed from the thermal spring, is moulded into the landscape.