The genesis of the hot spring with plans and information.

Site and Scenery

Bad Aibling lies in the foothills of the Alps and moors. Countryside surrounding the town is a mixture of hills and plains, fields and moor, forests and lakes, which were formed in the Ice Age amid glacial moraine deposits. The lower lying areas are in the gravel of the Mangfall Basin; the higher ones lie in the southern part of a huge formation.
The silhouette of the Bavarian Limestone Alps give the area its characteristic appearance.

Bad Aibling, Bavaria’s most traditional  moor bath,  represents health, relaxation and well-being.
The site was moulded so that the pool lies on the highest point, in a belvedere position with a view across it to the mountains. Sloping lawns stretch down to a group of trees at the bottom.
The swimming pool lies on the same level as the thermal spring roof. Between the pool and the hot spring , in an alcove that fits on the lower level, changing rooms have been built. The landscape ‘flows’ through the hot spring with the changing cabins embedded in it like stones. The various bath and recuperative facilities are irregularly arranged; some being open, the others having dome -shaped roofs.